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Our president's response to local negativity http://cmfreethinkers.org/articles/317-our-presidents-response-to-local-negativity http://cmfreethinkers.org/articles/317-our-presidents-response-to-local-negativity

billboard st cloudWhen I saw the billboard near St. Joseph the other day, "With atheism, there is no hope, only despair," I couldn't help but wonder what made this person think their actions would make this world in any way a better place to live.

First, it expresses a complete lack of understanding of, or tolerance for those around the world who view life through rational, rather than spiritual eyes.

If there is no promise of an afterlife, it only makes the life we have that much more precious to us.

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Introducing Freethinkers Night Out! http://cmfreethinkers.org/notices/314-introducing-freethinkers-night-out http://cmfreethinkers.org/notices/314-introducing-freethinkers-night-out

After the great success of our coffee socials, we've decided to bring a new event into the mix. The second Tuesday evening after each coffee social is Freethinkers Night Out!

The April event will be held at La Casita in Waite Park on Tuesday the 23rd from 6-7:30. Of course, you're free to come earlier or stay later. We expect the same fun, invigorating conversation and laughter we always have. Plus beer.

See you then!

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An Interview with the President of CMF http://cmfreethinkers.org/articles/313-an-interview-with-the-president-of-cmf http://cmfreethinkers.org/articles/313-an-interview-with-the-president-of-cmf

Beth Ann Erickson interviews Doug Petersen of the Central Minnesota Freethinkers for Incongruent Elements.

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