greg-ladenOn October 20,2014 the Central Minnesota Freethinkers are proud to present a program by Greg Laden, noted writer about climate change, evolution, science education and more at National Geographic, Science Blogs and other venues. His presentation will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall in St. Cloud at 7:00. The admission is free and the program is open to all who wish to attend.

While trained as a biological anthropologist and archeologist and having research experience at many locations in the United States and in the Congo and South Africa, and, having taught at several colleges and universities, today he mostly engages in climate change related science communication.

He will explore the most current research about climate change, framed in the context of time. Global warming is often spoken of as something to worry about in the future. Different people may express concern about different things, or perhaps even a studied lack of concern about some of the effects of climate change. Much of this depends on the time frame of expected changes. For example, no one doubts that the vast majority of glacial ice on the North and South poles is doomed, but when will it melt? A common conversation item these days is the civilization-ending species-extincting "Methane Gun." Is that a real concern?

In this discussion he'll explore the time frame of climate change, look at the most extreme scenarios that people are talking about today, and evaluate them. Bring your favorite scare story and we can work out whether or not we should be scared, by how much, and when!