This is the first in a series of essays by St. Cloud freethinker Joel Bartos.

I am an Atheist because I know too much about science, reality, and the way the brain, world and universe operates to be anything else. The Laws of Science do not allow for a God, an afterlife nor anything supernatural.

As an Atheist my belief system (in my brain) agrees with what the outside world (external reality) is dictating. Nothing throws me a curve ball nor throws me for a loop, so I tend to be more stable mentally.

I tend to feel superior because I know things that most people do not know. They say religion is mass delusion, and I can see that.

I am an Atheist because it is better to know the truth. I am awake now. If I went back to believing in God and supernatural phenomenon, it would be like going back to playing with Legos and Hot Wheels. I could, but I would know it is not real life.