CMFFoT is a fairly low-key organization, but we do have some costs associated with the website, meeting venues, postage, and office supplies. While we don't have a membership fee requirement, we suggest an annual donation of $10 for those who wish to do so.

You may now make your donation online using the Paypal button on our home page. You may also make donations by cash or check at our meetings.

If we accumulate a substantial amount of funds, we'll discuss how we'd like to use that money. Please feel free to offer suggestions in our forum.
And she's super cute. Faith in humanity restored one notch.

In anticipation of Dawkins' speaking event tomorrow evening, Dawkins will be interviewed tomorrow morning on MPR at 9 a.m.
Tom has secured a room for our March and April meetings at the Great River Regional Library in St. Cloud. There's a coffee shop in the lobby. See you there!

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Thanks very much to our host for setting up today's potluck social. This group never fails to impress me with its friendliness, intelligent conversation, and most importantly, great food and drink.

Thanks to everyone who came for a very nice afternoon.
Special thanks to our new editor!