We now have a brand new, modern, dead-simple membership system in place. If you're someone who enjoys the events we arrange and supports our charitable causes in the community, please go join. Right now. Before you forget. It's fast and it's affordable. 

Some important notes, for clarity...

Involvement in our Meetup group is not membership. Meetup is how we coordinate and announce events. Being a member of our Meetup group is valuable to you, but it's not the same as membership in the CMF organization. You'll need to join on our website to be a true member.

Paypal is still available for donations. You can still click the link in our website menu to make donations as you see fit, but doing so doesn't make you a member. Only joining online does that. 

Your PayPal account may still be configured to make automatic annual payments from our earlier membership system. It's your responsibility to cancel those. Do so by logging in at PayPal.com. Click the gear icon at upper right, then the Payments tab, then Manage Automatic Payments. Cancel the entry for Central Minnesota Freethinkers.

We really hope that this new, simple system makes joining a breeze and that you're proud to be officially involved with Central MN Freethinkers. If you have any trouble or questions, please contact us. You may send us an email or just chat up one of the board members at an event. We're happy to help. 

Your privacy is our priority.

Your membership information is your own. It's stored securely at our membership service (MembershipWorks). It will not be shared with anyone. No member directory features have been enabled for our members, and if we make that feature available in the future you'll decide for yourself whether to participate. 

Thank you for your support, and welcome aboard!